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2015 National Scholarship Meeting - Huntsville
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Second Marine Division Association Memorial Scholarship Fund



TRUSTEES:  Martin McNulty, Chairman, Richard VanHorne, Secretary, Donal Alexander, Robert Willoughby and Robert Stack.  LIAISON:  Brixey Lewis.

The annual meeting of the Trustees of the Second Marine Division Memorial Scholarship Fund was held on September 8, 2015 at the Huntsville Marriott in Huntsville, Alabama.  Chairman McNulty called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.  Trustees in attendance were Martin McNulty, Richard VanHorne, Robert Willoughby and Donal Alexander.  Trustee, Robert Stack (PROXY), and Liaison, Brixey Lewis, were absent.  Guest:  Ron Winner.


·      The minutes of the September 5th, 2014 meeting at the Comfort Suites in Jacksonville, North Carolina were read and accepted.

·      Election of Officers:  Martin McNulty was re-elected Chairman and Richard Van Horne was re-elected Secretary, each for a term of one year.

·      SMDA member, Ron Winner, was elected to replace Brixey Lewis as Liaison.

·      Twenty-five upper classmen and 18 new applicants were approved for SMDA scholarships for 2015-2016.  Total annual scholarship expense is estimate at $43,000 ($1,000 x 43).

·      Maximum adjusted gross income eligibility is increased from $90,000 to $94,000.


1.     The Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting held on September5, 2014 in Huntsville, Alabama.  McNulty moved to accept the minutes, seconded by VanHorne.  Minutes were approved and copies distributed to the Trustees via e-mail.

2.     Chairman McNulty distributed to Trustees a listing of all student applicants who are under consideration for SMDA scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year.  That list is an enclosure to these minutes.  In each case, student GPA and parental qualifying income was verified.

3.     Returning Students (25).

Seniors:  7 out of 8 applicants meet requirements.

Juniors:  7 out of 7 applicants meet requirements.

Sophomores:  11 out of 22 meet requirements.

4.      New Applicants (18).  Freshmen:  18 out of 18 applicants meet requirements.

5.      All SMDA Memorial Scholarship students are screened to ensure that their sponsor or parent is an SMDA member or an SMDA Associate Member.

6.     Nominations.  Trustee Donal Alexander’s term is expiring.  Subject to approval of the National Staff, Donal has expressed a willingness to serve another term for the period 2016-2020.  Ron Winner has expressed a willingness to serve as Liaison to the National Staff, replacing Brixey Lewis, who hasn’t attended a meeting in several years.

7.     Election of Officers.  Martin McNulty was re-elected Chairman and Richard VanHorne was re-elected Secretary, effective September 8, 2015, each for a term of one year.  Motion by Willoughby, seconded by Alexander.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Richard F. VanHorne

cc:  Bret Roy, Executive Director
       Ron Himsworth, President
       JC Hardee, Treasurer
       Trustees, Memorial Scholarship Fund


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